Anonymous asked: "Hi ! I just discovered your blog yesterday and I absolutely LOVE IT !! You probably had this question before but I was wondering what do you think of Scandal and if one day you'll put gifs from the show ?? Have a nice day ! :)"

Hey! Aww thank you :3 I’m glad you like it!! I (Treena) don’t watch Scandal, and don’t really plan too, so we’re going to keep this blog as just Grey’s/PP i think (especially as the two shows have more in common that just Shonda)! Thanks for your message though :)

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Anonymous asked: "can you make a meredith angsty gifset? xo"

If you can give specific episodes i can do this, my memory for things like this is awful and it says in the request rules, specific requests only! - Treena

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Anonymous asked: "Teddy Altman in "Suicide is Painless""

I will do this next :)

- Treena

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Hey, isn’t that Arizona’s ring?

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Anonymous asked: "the third gif in the second row, from /post/53217711508/ what episode is that from?"

It’s from 9x03!

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